GT Season 18 - Detroit Belle Isle

GT Season 18 - Detroit Belle Isle

Welcome to Rumblestrip Racing League! 

What differentiates Rumblestrip

Rumblestrip is not just a group of drivers but a loose family of race fans that spend time together in iRacing as well as real life racing events.

The primary goal is to have a good race and display a positive and professional attitude.

Our aim is to ensure that all of our races are fun for drivers of any level.  We value positive and friendly drivers. Super Cereal racers are also welcome with the understanding that clean and friendly racing is the focus of this league.

The races should be quality events that welcome are inclusive of all drivers.

All members who demonstrate what is to be a Rumblestripper have input to how Rumblestrip works.

The Team

Come to get to know The Workers in Red on the Rumblestrip Discord!

The Workers in Red are simply the members highlighted in red in Discord. Those are the people who are working behind the scenes to make everything fun and enjoyable.

If you have questions or need help, The Workers in Red will help get you started.

Come to chat, joke or contribute daily. Rumblestrip would love to have you!


Rumblestrip Basic Season Structure

For each 13-Week iRacing Season, the Rumblestrip season is structured in the following way:

  • Week 1 - 6 is Rumblestrip Short Season

  • Week 7 - 12 is Rumblestrip Short Season

  • Week 13 is Rumblestrip End of Season Activities

The cars and structure of the races will be up for change each season based on the input of them membership.

A strawpoll will be put up around Week 3 and Week 10 (with open statistics being provided to the membership) about changes for the next season of End of Season Races.

Rumblestrip 2019 Season Structure

A brief synopsis of the current Season is below.

See our rules for more detailed information about procedures and rules.

  • Rumblestrip Sprint Series:

    • Fully open setup Street Stock on Road Courses

    • Short 15 minute race

    • Unlimited fast repairs

    • Relaxed atmosphere with quality drivers

    • A live marshal

  • Rumblestrip GT 20:

    • Dual Class: CTSV-R + Radical

    • 40 min race with 1 mandatory pit

    • 2 Fast Repairs

    • Live Race Control and Live Marshaling

Awards and Prizes

Rumblestrip loves you.  

As a way of thanking all of you for spending time with us in iRacing, Rumblestrip is cobbling together some awards.  Each season, Rumblestrip will award actual (and made of real materials!) trophy to be mailed to the winning members.

For the rest of us that aren’t winning all the things, Rumblestrip is issuing commemorative challenge coins to all drivers that participate in all but one race for a season.  These Rumblestrip Challenge Coins have no cash value as they are merely a physical pimento of your participation in  Rumblestrip. If you meet up with other Rumblestrippers, be ready for a Coin Challenge! (Coin Challenge).

In addition to the Rumblestrip Challenge Coin, each Rumblestrip Short Season has the following physical prizes on offer only for qualifying drivers in the Rumblestrip GT races:

  • Seasonal Award for Top Gun in the top class

  • Seasonal Award for Top Gun in the second class

Beyond the League Races

Rumblestrip encourages the membership to hang around the discord and do more beyond league races.

Rumblestrip has a lot of passionate gamers, autoXers, HDPEers, Champ Car participants, and real life race meet-ups, to name a few.

Rumblestrip also offers Endurance Race Teams in Rumblestrip Endurance. For those who have been around for a season, the chance to race with fellow league members in official and well-planned races and practices on Endurance Teams is on offer!

Come in join in on the fun!

Weekly Races. Daily Fun.

Please come out, join the discord or any of our social media outlets!

We can’t wait to go racing in sprint, short endurance races and other events with you!